Architectural Signs

We work with architects and designers to create architectural signs and displays that stand out, we will have a go at anything and with our expert input any idea or design concept can be realized as an actual sign.

Building Signs

We manufacture and install large-scale letters, logos, and signs for external building identification. With large-scale building identification signs, we can handle the design, manufacture, and installation to suit your vision and work to your budget.

Corporate Signs

Reception signs are the first thing a new or potential client will see when they enter your premises, let us help you create a lasting impression with the perfect corporate sign.

Etched Signs

Statutory door plates, heritage or commemorative plaques, directional signs… many of our signs are etched or engraved, it’s a long-lasting, attractive and high-quality way to manufacture signs. We can machine engrave, acid or blast etch metals filled with 2 pack polyurethane for a highly durable finish inside or out.

Statutory Signs

All new buildings or renovations, architects and designers are making statutory signs a feature of the project, using etched signs in modern materials can lend your lobby some real style. we have years of experience and know exactly what's required for your project

Directional & Way Finding

They are an essential element for large and small institutions like hospitals, education campuses, etc. We can help with choosing the most suitable systems and designs for your needs.

External Signs

External is a pretty broad term, it covers a lot of the signs we manufacture at Designed Craft. A well-made and installed lettering sign has the potential to make a property stand out from others.

Sign writing & Decorating

We still retain the skill of hand brushwork sign writing. We do numerous honor boards for clubs and schools with genuine 24-carat gold leaf, and also decorate coat of arms.

Glass Signs

Glass can be used in many applications in the sign game, as a stylish protective front for signs mounted behind, through to directory boards. This photo shows a digital print onto the reverse of glass as an interpretive heritage educational point of interest sign.

Digital Print

Digital print is the latest boom in our industry, anything from a small poster to a huge billboard in full photographic quality is possible. Vehicle graphics and general signs on cheaper materials are ideal for site or temporary signs.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs have been around for decades in the form of neon and fluoro tube lightboxes but were expensive, these days with LED technology lighting can be incorporated into many more signs and can add a real WOW factor.

Routed Timber Signs

Ideal for external use these signs look perfectly natural set in a garden or lawn situation. Using the correct timbers these signs will last and last, only needing a coat of paint every 10 years or so, making them popular with strata-type unit complexes.

Boat Names

An especially favorite job at Designed Craft, we have designed and done names and rego numbers for many modern and older style boats. Everyone wants their boat name to be perfect and we work closely with customers to get it just right.

Since starting in 1973 as a hand signwriting company, Designed Craft soon diversified into engraving and cutting of all types of metals while still doing all the traditional signs.

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